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Tech Support: Back Button in IE11, doesnt work

Back Button in IE11, doesnt work

Ok, I am really getting sick of having to double click the back button in order to try (and I emphasize try) to get back to a previous page. Originally, I just tried to never again go to a website that uses this practice.  But now,  you
cant even do that because almost everyone is doing it. 
Do a search and go to some link  Hit the back button.  It is not likely to work.   Sometimes two clicks will work, but more and more that doesn't work either.  If
start doing a rapid fire on it, it will sometimes work, but then that usually takes you back about 4 searches prior.  Far too often, you just cant even get off the page so you have to hit the home button.  This is especially irritating if you
are on page 15 of a search.  Now you don't even remember what page you were on or even what your search parameters were.
I've looked for solutions.  One post wanted us to add those sites to blocked, or such.  Really!  If I did that there would probably only be about 10 web pages that I could visit.  Additionally, this is
not an issue with FireFox.  FireFox does have an issue of displaying a blank page on the back button, but that is fixable by changing a setting in options.   Don't get me wrong.  I want to use IE.  But it is almost not usable now because of
BTW: IM using windows 8.1 pro 64 bit, if that has anything to do with it.  And I use the Desktop version, IE11.
If Programmers are going to abuse this feature (and I am assuming that it is a programming thing), then simply disable the ability to override it, fix it, whatever.  Do something.  

I am a programmer.  I understand the desire to use it when providing forms to users.  As a user, Ill take the back button over the Pain in the &^^%%$#@  current state of affairs.
If this is irritating  you, please comment.  Open similar requests in other places.  If we don't speak up, you will be living with it.  
I opened this as a discussion because I don't think there is a solution short of a coding change to IE.  But if anyone, moderator, whatever thinks otherwise, please feel free to move the thread.
Now,, where is that Firefox download page.

Solutions to the Problem Back Button in IE11, doesnt work

Download Error Fixer (Free)

How to Avoid Downloading Malware

Where are you getting the download?

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Don't install download manager

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Cancel or deny any automatic download

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Recommended Method to Repair the Problem: Back Button in IE11, doesnt work:

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